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*.: Breeding Schedule :.*

Tue Feb 9, 2016, 12:58 PM

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*.: Policy :.*
1. Unless I'm seeking a specific Pokemon, I only breed my level 100 Pokemon. I ask that your Pokemon be at least level 20. I can help level your Pokemon up to 10 levels to meet this minimum!

2. If only one person contributes an item (gender stones included), than they get first pick. If both contribute an item or no items are used, we can discuss who gets what (I'm pretty cool about this, I swear!) Exceptions can be made for up to 1 Pokemon if you let me know you'd like a specific result ahead of time!

3. Clutches are to be divided as evenly as possible and you can choose who gets the extra Pokemon in the case of an uneven clutch. An exception to this is if you just want one Pokemon and you don't mind me keeping all the profits from the rest of the clutch.

4. Each person is responsible for their half of the clutch. They get to set their own prices and keep all of the profits from their half.

5. Random notes requesting a breeding for any of my Pokemon that are available to breed are more than welcome! I love doing 'just because' breedings! We can arrange a week and who sends the note once I know you're interested!

*.: February 15-21 :.*

I Send:
1. Open!
2. Open!
3. Open!

You Send:
1. Open!
2. Open!
3. Open!

*.: February 22-28 :.*

I Send:
1. Open!
2. Open!
3. Open!

You Send:
1. Open!
2. Open!
3. Open!

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*.: Sales :.*

Tue Feb 9, 2016, 12:51 PM

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*.: Policy :.*
Please don't ask for holds! Points are due within 24 hours of confirmation that the Pokemon or item is yours. Level payments are due within a week. If you have real life circumstances come up that prevent you from making level payments on time, just let me know! I'm more than happy to give extensions. Please note that this policy only applies to items purchased/clutches posted after February 9, 2016, so don't worry if you currently owe me something! 

If for whatever reason you find yourself unable to pay, just let me know so I can put the Pokemon or item back up for sale! There'll be no hard feelings!

*.: Clutches :.*
#1 Tepig - Male - Fire - Level 6 - BA 7: 5 Levels

#2 Tepig - Male - Fire - Level 6 - BA 7: 5 Levels

#3 Tepig (Fusion) - Fire/Normal - Female - Level 6 - BA 7: 50Points OR 10 Levels

#6 Eevee (Fusion) - Normal/Fire - Male - Level 6 - BA 7: Price: 50Points OR 10 Levels

#1 Bulbasaur - Grass/Poison - Female - Level 6 - BA 16: 5 Levels

#3 Bulbasaur - Grass/Poison - Female - Level 6 - BA 16: 5 Levels

#4 Bulbasaur - Grass/Poison - Female - Level 6 - BA 16: 5 Levels

#5 Fennekin - Fire - Male - Level 6 - BA 16: 5 Levels

#6 Fennekin (Fusion) - Fire/Poison - Male - Level 6 - BA 16: 50Points OR 10 Levels

2A Patrat/Deino - Normal/Dark/Dragon - Female - Level 6 - BA 40: 150Points OR 20 Levels

3A Duskull - Ghost - Male - Level 6 - BA 40: 50Points OR 10 Levels

1B Swablu - Normal/Flying - Female - Level 6 - BA 19: 5 Levels

2B Swablu - Normal/Flying - Male - Level 6 - BA 19: 5 Levels

3B Swablu - Normal/Flying - Female - Level 6 - BA19: 5 Levels

B1 Fennekin/Nidoran Male - Fire/Poison - Male - BA 19: 50Points OR 10 Levels

B2 Nidoran Male - Poison - Male - Level 6 - BA 19: 5 Levels

*.: Inventory Pokemon :.*
Deerling - Normal/Grass - Female - Level 10 - BA13: 50Points OR 6 levels

*.: Inventory Items :.*
Pokeballs - 2 In Stock - 15Points Each or 25Points for Both

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*.: Ranch Directory :.*

Tue Feb 9, 2016, 12:44 PM

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Bullet; Black Needs Ref | Bullet; Blue Available for Breeding | Bullet; White No Traits
Bullet; Red Shiny | Bullet; Pink Fusion | Bullet; Green Cross | Bullet; Purple Morph | Bullet; Yellow Rarity

Bullet; BlackBullet; WhiteSkies Over Avalon | Avalon | Swablu
Bullet; BlackBullet; RedBullet; PinkRepetitious Mischief | Mischief | Patrat (Shiny Fusion)
Bullet; BlackBullet; WhitePaladin of the Blood Arts | Blood | Throh
Bullet; BlackBullet; WhiteDream's Silver Tree | Silver | Bulbasaur

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*.: About The Ranch :.*

Tue Feb 9, 2016, 12:41 PM

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*.: Bulletin Board :.*

Tue Feb 9, 2016, 12:40 PM

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February 9, 2016 - Looking to Include Relative Apps Now! If I've sent you a seemingly random request to feature an app, it's probably because your Pokemon is related (I've decided to only track parents and offspring for my sanity) to one of Sidhe Moon's permanents residents! You can also submit relative apps and preempt me! ;)

And I think I have all the kinks worked out and the group is up and running! There's still some WIP journals that I'll fill in sooner or later, but the coding shenanigans are done!

Feel free to ask to Affiliate if you own a PKMNation ranch!

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Commissions Closed For A Bit

Mon Jan 18, 2016, 11:23 PM

So... guess who discovered she adores doing lineless art and now has obselete commission examples because of it? Haha, ah well. I'll probably still offer my old lined style as an option when I reopen, but for now I wanna get enough examples done to reopen properly. :p

Prue's Commission Center [Closed]

Mon May 11, 2015, 1:23 AM

Commissioning me means you agree to any information in this journal. I reserve the right to turn down any commission for any reason. Any art commissioned from me will appear on my DeviantArt, Weasyl, and Facebook unless requested otherwise during the commission process. I work digitally, so all finished art will be delivered in the form of a computer file. I do not offer sexual NSFW commissions, but I will draw tasteful nudes.

1 - Open!
2 - Open!
3 - Open!
4 - Open!

All listed prices are a base price and may increase based on design complexity.  Feel free to ask for a quote for what you'd like to draw, there's no commitment until you send the money!  You can also ask if you want something not listed!

Chibi: 8/800 Points
Thick border optional!

Manga Moonlight Chibi by galacticpink  Manga Mercury Bubbles Chibi by galacticpink  Adorable Boo by galacticpink

Critter: 12 USD/1200 Points
Any animal or animal-like fantasy creature!

Surprise by galacticpinkSpell by galacticpink  Calmer by galacticpink

Humanoids: 15 USD/1500 Points
Humans, gijinkas, and furries, oh my!

Gift Art: Seeking by galacticpink    Rancher by galacticpink

I usually work in three stages. I send each stage for approval as it is often difficult to change details past a certain point. If you would like to skip the approval process on any or all stages, simply let me know! Images are sent to you at full resolution while the versions uploaded to my gallery are at a lower resolution.

1 - Sketch
2 - Flat Colors
4 - Final

Snail Mail

If you pay via Paypal, please select 'I'm paying for goods or services' and 'no shipping required'.
I am not responsible for anything lost in the mail.
Commissions begin after payment is received.

Cool Battle References?

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 12:25 AM

Hey, can anybody suggest any anime or manga* with really cool fight scenes... mainly ones that focus on elemental attacks from varying distances? Like, Pretty Cure is really awesome for physical fight scenes but when they pull out their special attacks it's stock footage reliant and not so... ah, engaging (although it looks pretty/cool as heck!) I really need to work on the dynamism of my fight scenes for things like The-IPL and I figured researching things that do it right would be great.

Plus I'm rather weak on my elemental attack effects so that would be helpful too. XD

PS - If you want to suggest something Pokemon, could you... give me particularly good seasons/episodes/movies/chapters? Cause that's a lot to shift through, haha. XD

*If you know of something that isn't Japanese that you'd like to suggest, that'd be fine too! ^_^