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Sun Nov 22, 2015, 6:41 PM

I know, it's way sooner than a lot of you were probably expecting. It was sooner than I was expecting, too! But the worst of the issue has been resolved. Thank you so much for the well wishes guys... even if you only thought them! It's so warming to come back to see those messages. :heart:

Prue's Commission Center

Mon May 11, 2015, 1:23 AM

Commissions are CLOSED until further notice

Commissioning me means you agree to any information in this journal. I reserve the right to turn down any commission for any reason. Any art commissioned from me will appear on my DeviantArt and Weasyl unless requested otherwise during the commission process. I work digitally, so all finished art will be delivered in the form of a computer file. I do not offer sexual NSFW commissions, but I will draw tasteful nudes.

1 - Open!
2 - Open!
3 - Open!
4 - Open!

Add a simple background for just 3 USD/300 Points! And feel free to ask if you want something not listed!

Chibi: 8-12 USD/800-1200 Points (Based on Complexity)
Thick border optional!

Manga Moonlight Chibi by galacticpink  Manga Mercury Bubbles Chibi by galacticpink  Adorable Boo by galacticpink

Critter: 12-16 USD/1200-1600 Points (Based on Complexity)
Any animal or animal-like fantasy creature!

Commission: Stoic by galacticpink  Circuit the Cybercat by galacticpink  Nerves by galacticpink

Humanoids: 16-20 USD/1600-2000 Points (Based on Complexity)
Humans, gijinkas, and furries, oh my!

BJBB Mission: Departure by galacticpink  BRR: I'm TRYING to be fashionable here! by galacticpink  HPM: Frozen Hoenn by galacticpink

I usually work in four stages. I send each stage for approval as it is often difficult to change details past a certain point. If you would like to skip the approval process on any or all stages, simply let me know! Images are sent to you at full resolution while the versions uploaded to my gallery are at a lower resolution.

1 - Sketch
2 - Lines
3 - Flat Colors
4 - Final

Snail Mail

If you pay via Paypal, please select 'I'm paying for goods or services' and 'no shipping required'.
I am not responsible for anything lost in the mail.
Commissions begin after payment is received.

Just send me a message with the following information! (While this form is optional, it does tend to speed up the process a bit.)

Name: [aka what do you want me to call you!]
Commission Type: [If you're not sure, just describe what you want and I'll let you know what that matches up to on my list!]
References/Description: [Any references you would like me to refer too. I work from descriptions as well. Also, if you want a character to have 'bangs like Sailor Moon' or something similar, feel free to show images or say so!]
Character Background: [OPTIONAL | It helps me get a feel for the character to portray them correctly.]
Character Personality: [OPTIONAL | It helps me get a feel for the character to portray them correctly.]
Payment Method: [So I know what payment information to give you!]
Contact Information: [So I know where to send the finished image]
Anything Else: [OPTIONAL | Something you want to share not listed here? Feel free! I'm happy to hear more about your character if you would like to share, details help with art!]

Cool Battle References?

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 12:25 AM

Hey, can anybody suggest any anime or manga* with really cool fight scenes... mainly ones that focus on elemental attacks from varying distances? Like, Pretty Cure is really awesome for physical fight scenes but when they pull out their special attacks it's stock footage reliant and not so... ah, engaging (although it looks pretty/cool as heck!) I really need to work on the dynamism of my fight scenes for things like The-IPL and I figured researching things that do it right would be great.

Plus I'm rather weak on my elemental attack effects so that would be helpful too. XD

PS - If you want to suggest something Pokemon, could you... give me particularly good seasons/episodes/movies/chapters? Cause that's a lot to shift through, haha. XD

*If you know of something that isn't Japanese that you'd like to suggest, that'd be fine too! ^_^

PKMNation: Sidhe Moon Market

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 5:59 AM


"Oh, hello there! I've been hoping the faeries and spirits would guide someone here. This little patch of woods serves as the market to Sidhe Moon Ranch. We carry everything from items to Pokemon for sale/trade. We're not often stocked, but the residents of the ranch know to guide customers here when we are. Please take your time!"

Items for Sale

Pokemon for Sale/Trade
PKMNation: GargoylexRita Clutch by galacticpink
Aerodactyl - Rock/Flying - Male - BA: 9
100 :points: OR 5 Levels

PKMNation: Sidhe Moon Ranch

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 23, 2014, 3:46 AM


"Welcome to Sidhe Moon Ranch! You know, Fairy types have quickly gained a reputation for being cute, frilly, and adorable. Here at Sidhe Moon, we embrace the darker side of things... there's a reason our specialty is not only Fairy but Dark and Ghost types as well! Though we've been raising Pokemon in the hopes of Fusions and Crosses lately, so you'll also find a rather wide away of types running around! Watch your step, and be sure to stick to the paths!"

Acres: 10 | Available Space: 43

Tears of the Blood Moon | Tear | ♀ Klefki |
Illusion of the Shadow Dancers | Dancer | 
♀ Zorua |
Guiding Wisp of Starry Nights | Wisp | ♀ Gastly |
Grinning Mask of Sadness | Mask | ♀ Yamask |
Pink Blood Riot | Pink | ♀ Murkrow |
White Sea's Current | Current | ♀ Azurill |
Cotton Meadow Harbinger |
 Cotton | ♀ Spritzee |
Treant of the Blessed Path | Blessed | ♀ Phantump |
Heartless Hunter of Shadow | Heartless | ♀ Sableye |
Moon Phase Dreamer | Dreamer | ♀ Eevee |
Black Ice Maiden | Maiden | ♀ Snorunt |
Bermuda Triangle | Bermuda | ♀ Gyarados |
Cavern of Forgotten Bones | Bones | ♀ Vullaby |
Tears for Avalon | Avalon | ♀ Swablu |
Titania's Shining Sun | Titania | ♀ Togepi |
Burning Red Savannah | Savannah | ♀ Deerling |
Akashic Ocean's Ribbon | Ribbon | ♀ Dratini |
Dark Forest Stinger | Forest | ♀ Weedle | App Pending
Changeling's Many Tales | Changeling | ♀ Ditto | App Pending
Facing Dark Whispers | Whispers | ♀ Ekans | App Pending
New Moon's Shade | Shade | ♀ Teddiursa | App Pending
Fleece Over Moon | Fleece | ♀ Mareep | App Pending
Ashes to Stitches | Stitches | 
♀ Shuppet | App Pending
Hidden Eyes Over Water | Eyes | ♀ Surskit | App Pending
Harvest of the Heart | Heart | ♀ Kabuto (Fusion) |
Revised Tale's Fairy Godmother| Godmother | ♀ Braixen (Fusion) |
Velvet Night's Ambrosia | Ambrosia | ♀ Slurpuff (Rarity) | App Pending
Midnight Shadows on the Moon | Midnight | 
♀ Igglyboo |
Mystic of the Seven Seas | Mystic | ♀ Dennechou |
Starlit Ocean's Root | Root | ♀ Sphealboo (Shiny) |
Black Magic Princess | Princess | ♀ Fenyena |
Displaced Doom | Doom | ♀ Meowtomb |
Red Orb of Warlocks | Warlock | 
♂ Misdreavus |
Great Fury of Aengus | Aengus | 
♂ Honedge |
Graceful Soul Guardian | Guardian | ♂ Ralts |
Watcher of the Starless Hour | Watcher | ♂ Deino |
Bells in the Grapevine | Bells | ♂ Patrat |
Lost by the Gothic Light | Gothic | ♂ Litwick |
Rattling Red Bones | Red | ♂  Houndour |
Magic Soul Contract | Contract | ♂ Eevee |
Gate to the Aether | Aether | ♂ Spiritomb |
Curse's Glow | Curse | ♂ Duskull |
Sky Wind Trickster | Trickster | ♂ Seedot |
Secret Stone Door | Stone | ♂ Nosepass |
Dark Star's Vice | Vice | ♂ Corphish |
Jagged Hands of Darkness | Hands | ♂ Purrloin |
Cavern of Hidden Wonder | Wonder | ♂ Carbink |
Living Line of Fire | Line |  ♂ Litleo | App Pending
A Year's Long Walk | Year | ♂ Amaura | App Pending
Bramble of the Briar | Briar | ♂ Nidoran♂ | App Pending
Shining Moonlight Dreams | Moonlight | ♂ Cleffa (Shiny) |
Reaper of the Haunted Fields | Reaper | ♂ Bunnelby (Fusion) |
Sentinel of Mare Imbrium | Sentinel | Spheal (Fusion) |
Tidy Soldiers of the Sun | Tidy | ♂ Tepig (Fusion) |
Sprinkles of Morning Dew | Sprinkles | ♂ Vanillite (Fusion) |
Sugar Sugar Prince | Prince | ♂ Rufflet (Fusion) |
Gilded Gargoyle of Stonhenge | Gargoyle | Aerodactyl (Fusion) |
Crimson Feathered Flurry | Crimson | ♂ Raltu |
Stepper in the Dappled Darkness | Stepper | ♂ Zoruchic|
Earthen Firestorm | Firestorm | ♂ Larvichar |
Golden Sighted Palm | Palm | ♂ Tutonmask |
Sleepy Hollow Bloom | Sleepy | ♂ Hopnea |
Blade of Tsuna | Tsuna | ♂ Bunile |
Lazy Gaelic Winds | Winds | ♂ Hoppinee |
Pastel Foxfire | Pastel |  Togepix |

Needed Pokemon
Listed below are all the Pokemon of the types of the ranch not currently in the ranch! Looking mainly for 'normal' (ie not shiny, cross, fusion, or morph) but I am open to shiny or morph if I like the color or morph design! Lowest evolved form listed even if they don't have the typing until evolution!

Fairy Types
Snubbull, Flabebe, Swirlix, Igglybuff, Mime Jr., Mawile, Cottonee, Audino, Dedenne

Dark Types
Sneasel, Scraggy, Pawniard, Inkay, Larvitar, Carvanha, Stunky, Sandile, Skorupi, Froakie, Pancham, Poochyena, Absol

Ghost Types
Drifloon, Nincada, Rotom, Frillish (Both!), Golett

For Sale/Trade

Incoming Slots: 3 | Outgoing Slots: 2

Available Pokemon
Warlock the Misdreavus:
Mystic the Dennechou (Dedenne/Chinchou):
Palm the Tutonmask (Natu/Cottonee/Yamask):
Bells the Patrat:
Moonlight the Cleffa:
Sprinkles the Vanillite:
Tidy the Fairy Tepig:

- Your Pokemon must be at least level 10
- Person who requests breeding gets first pick
- UNLESS items are provided by only one person. In that case, the person providing items gets first pick
- I'm willing to split the cost of items if any are used
- Clutch is split in half and each party are responsible for their own prices. If the clutch has an odd number you can pick who gets the extra Pokemon

Battle Status

Art Trades
Open! I'm looking to do move trades currently, so feel free to drop me a line!

Open! Notes or Comments work best. I can be a bit slow in replying.

To Do List
Doom the Meowtomb Ref
Wonder the Carbink Ref
GargoylexRita Clutch

"Oh, you found your way out? The fairies must be feeling content today. Feel free to return!"