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November 29, 2013
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House of Myth - Zane Blythe and Bones by galacticpink House of Myth - Zane Blythe and Bones by galacticpink

Yay, he's in! Feel free to hit me up for a roleplay, I can do pretty much any style although I prefer comments and paragraph/lit style. ^_^

For a better view of Bones, here's a larger version of his quad stance:

PS - That headshot make Zane look like a girl woops. XD

Name: Zane Blythe
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birthday: November 4th
Sexuality: Heterosexual (though he's too young for me to be comfortable roleplaying more than crushes)

House: Dullahan
Rank: Costume Designer
Level: 2

Zane tends to be distant due to his suspicion of other people's motives, a side effect of being raised in upper class circles and having parents that were almost never there.  He doesn't trust words much either due to the amount of promises his parents broke.  If you can manage to earn his friendship or even trust though, he's very loyal and will defend you come hell to high water.  He's decided that those kind of things are rare and definitely worth fighting for.

He's got a pressure cooker personality when it comes to negative emotions, especially frustration and anger.  The outside catalyst can be something as simple as a tool slipping from his hands and he's screaming at the top of his lungs and probably kicking things over.  The silver lining is that the physical side of his outbursts are limited to objects and the environment.  The yelling side he'll aim at whoever's nearest, although Bones manages to be excluded from this problem and if no one's handy he'll just scream at the air.

He is a huge stickler for keeping your word.  Don't make a promise you can't keep.  Just don't.  And your excuses suck and he isn't about to listen to them.  If he says he will do something he'll do it or die trying - he rarely makes promises (directly or indirectly) as a result.  This attitude leads to a very hard-working mindset because he refuses to lie even to himself (well, consciously.  He is twelve after all).  If he starts something, he'll definitely finish it!

Likes: His spirit, bones (and things made with them), night, the dark, the city, leather, pretty much anything his parents disapprove of
Dislikes: Adults, his parents, liars (more than usual), suits, haircuts

Backstory: Zane was born the first (and thus far, only) child/son to a very affluent family living in the middle of Meansville's main city.  This made him the heir and the subject of rather high expectations to a pair of parents that were rarely home due to 'responsibilities'.  This meant that his nanny was the first to notice his obstinance.  It was considered just a phase considering how young he was, but as his Terrible Twos became the Fearsome Fours and then the Scary Sixes, it became clear it was more than just a 'phase'.  He would never do what was told (sometimes it seemed even if he wanted to).  And he seemed to be a master at sneaking out of the house.

His parents lectured him about it.  But they didn't spend more time with him, the subconscious cause of his problems.  Sure, they started taking him to their fancy engagements, but they tended to plop him in a corner and expect him to behave.  An awful lot to ask of a child not even in the double digits age wise.  He frequently got informed about things such as responsibility, status, and what was expected.  He grew to resent it.

He started running away for attention at eight, although being eight he never really got very far.  Probably the only reason he didn't get himself kidnapped or in some sort of massive trouble was the secret organization of crimefighting children he didn't yet know existed.  The fact that his behavior problems caused his parents to be familiar with the police appalled them (It should be noted that they weren't exactly bad parents as they loved their son, but they didn't really know the hows of parenting).  

Shortly after his tenth birthday, he ended up running off again.  Taking the same route as usual, as he was capable of being clever but often let his emotions rule.  He was actually approached by a member of the Dullahan House during this excursion as he was kicking things around in a back alley.  It didn't take much goading for Zane to spill his situation in a bunch of screams, and the other kid offered him a place that people actually would pay attention to him and explained about spirits and the Dullahan House.  Things his parents wouldn't approve of and hating adults?  He was more than happy to agree!  He was given his token and his spirit materialized.  Being ten and not the most creative with names just yet, he ended up naming the hyperactive dog-thing Bones.

He joined at the bottom rung in the House as was usual and generally spent more time with his spirit than the other members of the house.  He had accepted the token, but he still didn't quite trust the motives of others.  Bones, on the other hand, certainly did.  He seemed to be a dog-thing in more than basic appearance.  Also he really liked to dig and loved giving 'presents' to his Host.  Sensing the motives behind it due to his connection with his spirit, Zane chose to try to do something with the bones rather than simply tossing them out... and discovered he found making sculptures and the like really relaxing.

It was this interest that lead to his beginning to make clothes and the like.  By no means an expert sewer, even now, but cloth did add a little something to his creations and honestly it's not like his parents needed silk curtains... and well, if they yelled at him it was just because they were stupid adults anyways.

Name: Bones
Gender: Male
Elemental Ability: Osteomancy - Bones has, rather fittingly, the ability to control bones.  He can also sense bones providing they're not part of a living body.  He can't control a lot at once, although at level two its not a little either.  Smaller bones are easier to control, and he could probably fully animate the bones of a mouse or other similarly sized animal.

He's also limited by how much... stuff is around a bone.  For one thing, the bone has to be dead - he can't control living bones so he won't be yanking people across the room by moving their bones.  If there is flesh or muscle around the bones, even dead, it hampers with his ability.  He can pull bones out of the earth only if they're a few feet or less underground and the earth isn't particularly hard - although he can sense them to about six feet down, he'd have to dig to get those ones.

Weapon / Fighting Style
While Bones is quite capable of using his teeth as a weapon, he actually prefers long distance fighting.  Because he can control bones he often uses them as a sort of mentally controlled club to whack people about.   His preference is a decent sized femur (such as from a human skeleton).

Bones likes you!  Bones really likes you!  Bones will jump all over you and clack his teeth in your face (in absence of having a tongue) and his bone tail moves like a whip!  He is bouncy and playful and pretty much as much of a dog as he sort of looks like.  Bones likes being Zane's friend and Bones wants Zane to have lots more friends!  Bones exuberant attitude has been key in keeping Zane in touch with the other kids.  Because while he's happy!, he's also really really stubborn.  He lets Zane have his own time, but will also drag Zane out of his little hole and make him interact.

Bones has a... hoarding problem.  Bones likes bones.  If Zane is in an area where Bones can find bones, Bones will find bones.  And give them to Zane.  He's also a little... daft.  He's not a clever fighter.  He's good at smacking people about, but not so much anything else.  And to date he doesn't understand that if he has a bone in his mouth, going through doorways isn't going to work.

- Zane's parents hate his hair, but he won't let them cut it shorter.  They've tried.
- Zane usually wears suits because it's easier than explaining different clothes to his parents, but he lets them get wrinkled and rumpled.  He also tends to keep them far more open than is proper.
- Zane can get a lot of really high quality materials from his parents' stuff and is happy to use them.
- Zane actually prefers keeping Bones out of his token, enjoying his company - although he observes the rules and such so he won't have Bones out around adults or anything.
- Zane's ears are bigger than normal.
- Bones can usually be seen with a bone in his mouth.
- Bones is usually seen on all fours, but he can go all floaty if he wants to.  His hair usually floats regardless.

Roleplay Example
Zane dropped the piece of cloth with several bones sewn onto it and the sewing needle before sticking his forefinger into his mouth as a bead of blood rose up from it.  Off to the side Bones perked his head up from atop his perch of 'supplies' (otherwise known as various bones and several large pieces of fabric) and turned his skull-head over to his Host.  The red orbs that seemed to function as his eyes grew larger and he bounded up, hopping over to Zane and looking up at him, somehow managing concern despite having a skull for a head.  It was all in the eyes and the minimal amount of expressing the skull was somehow capable of doing.
"Are you okay?!"
Zane took his fingertip out of his mouth and shook it as he turned to his Spirit.  His eyes softened and he shook his head, "I'm fine, I just pricked myself."
"Are you sure you're okay? Are you really really sure?" Bones hopped backward and tilted his head, his dead leather-like skin straining pulling taught with the action.  His jaw opened when he spoke, somehow staying in one piece, but instead of moving it merely hung open as his slightly hollow voice echoed out, "Really really really? I can get help!  Let me go get help!"
"It's just a prick, I'm fine," Zane said, mild irritation in his voice.  He let out a sigh and grabbed the supplies, "'Really really'."
"Okay, but I'm definitely getting someone if it happens again!"
Zane sighed as he poked the needle through the fabric.  If it was anyone else, he would have probably told them to shut up.  But it was his Spirit.  And you didn't yell at people that close to you.

Art, Character (c) MugenGinga
Template, House of Myth (c) House-of-Myth
Stock (Bones skin' and metal textures) by wojtar-stock

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wakaz Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
galacticpink Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BEST HOUSE. :iconevillaplz:
wakaz Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
galacticpink Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
((OOC: Start of a roleplay between myself and *Sil3ntS0NG !))

"Bones, I forgot my jacket.  Think you could grab it, my hands are a little full."

The skeletal dog-creature that Zane served as host to bounded back into the graveyard that he stood on the edge of, a handful of various bones in his arms and a shovel nestled in the crook of his arms.  It was night, so the odds of his being caught were pretty nonexistant - he knew this thanks to experience.  

Bones came up beside the freshly refilled grave and tilted his head at the top of the tombstone.  He tilted his head to the side, pulling the skin nailed to his head on one side taut, before jumping up and looking at the nearby graves.  He frowned for a moment before bounding back to his Host.

"Not there!  You did leave it on the Brooke tombstone, right?"

"What do you mean it's not there?  Who else would be sneaking around a graveyard at night?"

"It's definitely not there!"

Zane looked over his shoulder and sighed before turning around, "It probably just fell on the ground or something.  Come on, you can see better in the dark than me."

"It's definitely definitely not there!"

Zane shook his head and hiked back to the grave in question.  Bones was right about the coat not being there.  Zane leaned over, carefully balancing the bones, and looked at the base and in several feet in all directions.  He dropped the bones and shovel behind the grave before grimacing.

"Nanny's gonna kill me if I come home missing it!  Don't even get me started on my stupid parents!  They'll lock me in my room or something, and I've got like a ton of stuff to do!! We had to have buried it.  Right! Definitely!  Bones, start digging, I'll grab the shovel!"
Sil3ntlyArtistic Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Student General Artist

A small voice came from behind a gravestone a few feet away. "It's right here."

A hand held the jacket into the air. "It was on the ground so I picked it up but I didn't know whose it was so I didn't leave."

Capri, a girl the age of 12, walked out and casually walked toward them.

galacticpink Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Zane whirled around toward the voice, Bones flashing from apparent existence as he spun.  It was a trained reaction when he was surprised, because it was really bad to have someone see your spirit when you had no idea who it was.  And he'd have to act like the other person was crazy if they mentioned him.  Oh, and there was the whole... uh... digging up graves thing he'd have to explain.  Crap, that'd actually be the hard part.  He was literally holding a shovel right now and... well, at least she wasn't an adult.  That just now clicked as the brown-haired girl stepped forward.

Come to think of it, what was she doing in a graveyard?  It definitely wasn't normal for anyone to be in a graveyard in the dead of night.  Especially not a kid.  Well, okay, maybe others in his House, but he didn't recognize her so... he had her coat.  Right.

He'd been standing there staring and looking kind of stupid for a fair bit when he held the shovel close like he might whack her with it, "Uh... thanks.  My parents are totally jerks about this kind of thing, they would have grounded me for like a year."

Yeah uh, just play it cool. Sort of.  Not really.  And maybe try to come up with answers to the questions she was definitely going to have.  Oh man, his House was going to kill him.
Sil3ntlyArtistic Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Student General Artist

She smiled. "No problem." Her face lightened. "I think I saw you yesterday...." She paused and looked down at her shoes. "But I've been wrong before..."

She looked back up and her eyes drifted to where Bones was. "Your a host. That was your spirit am I correct?" She grinned again.

galacticpink Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Huh, what are you talking about?" Well, she had said host.  But he definitely couldn't be too careful!  Besides if she really was another Host, she'd press it.  So he didn't really have to worry.  It was her that needed to prove herself here.  She hadn't asked about the pretty obvious gravedigging though, that was hopeful.  Had to be another House, though, "Oh, and, uh... we probably go to school together?"
Sil3ntlyArtistic Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Student General Artist
"Come on I know your lying." She smirked. "Your worse at lying then you are placing coats." She laughed. "Just tell me the truth. I'm not stupid." She paused and whispered quietly. "I'm much more bold when it's dark...."
galacticpink Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"I'm not lying!" Zane snapped.  He replayed the situation in his head.  He hadn't lied!  He'd just asked what she was talking about he hadn't denied a thing! "I don't lie!  Besides, what are you doing out here?"
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